RSF Commander Pledges to Curb Human Trafficking and Terrorism


Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)  Lt.  Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalu (Himeidti) welcomed on Monday the recent report of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) before the Congress Committee which lifted Sudan from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the fifth batch of the rapid support forces in Singa, capital of Sennar state he also stressed, “We will not allow human trafficking across our borders and we will fight terrorism,” pointing out that the RSF are stronger then ever.

Also attending the ceremony were the governors of the Blue Nile, White Nile and Sennar, and graduating forces consisted of 1019 conscripts, El Obeid camp 1130 conscripts and from Gedarif State 789 conscripts.

He highlighted that the graduates received high training on all arts of war and fighting and on all types of light and heavy arms.

Hemiditi further added, “We own the strongest training directorate in Africa”, announcing that he work alongside the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the other regular forces.

He called on the arms carriers to join the peace process and renewed welcome of Washington’s decision of lifting the blockade from Sudan

“We will support the efforts of the political leadership for boosting peace in Sudan,” he added

Hemeidti inaugurated the two roads of  Al Dali and the University with a length of five kilometers, in addition  to a school in Dar Agil, and a water well, whereby these projects comes as part of the RSF contributions to the community.