Samsa Calls for Cooperative Efforts to Make Agricultural Season Successful

Geziera scheme Governor Eng. Othman samsa affirmed  the importance of the current stage in history of the country.

During heading a meeting Thursday on   Geziera scheme, Samsa assured the importance of collective efforts to make the agricultural season a successful one.

He called upon the concerned parties’ to inspect agricultural operations on sites and be sure of implementing the engineering and l agricultural setup plan.

On irrigation plan Samsa said water distribution program must be observed, controlled and coordinated on justified manner taking in consideration the needed waters for projects in Gazira, Rahad and Halfa AL Gadida.

He added that excavation machines needed for main and small canals must be available on site besides observing the level    of water running through canals.

The attendees to the meeting namely were, heads of irrigated projects, executive managers besides undersecretary, Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity.

source: Agenices