SLA-AW Exploited Tarba’ Incidents for Personal Interests


The leaders of Sudan Liberation ArmyAbdul Wahid (SLA-AW), has accused the head of the movement, Abdul Wahid al-Nur of seizing donations collected for the  affected people of the “Tarba” area in Jebel Marra and use it of personal interests.

Last year Jebel Marra witnessed  landslides resulting from heavy rains.

Anti- movement leaders said has submitted a memorandum to the donors saying SLA-AW exploited the tragic events by launching a campaign to fund-raising for the affected, and they managed to collect $15 million from Diaspora states.

According to the leaders, the people of Tarba did not benefit from these donations, where the movement worked under the direct guidance of Abdul Wahid to use these funds to support the movement activities.

The leaders has demanded donors to open an investigation into the funds collected in the name of the people of the area .