SLA-AW Failed to Assassinate IDPs Chieftains in S. Darfur


A number of United People’s Front (UPF), the students’ faction of the rebel Sudan liberation Army- Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) have been arrested for trying to assassinate some of the chieftains in the IDPs camps,Leading figures in the IDPs camps said.

South Darfur IDPs camps representative, Abdallah Adam said that the chieftains managed to abort the assassination attempt and arresting number of the UPF who admitted that they directed by Abdul Wahid to kill the chieftains of the IDPs camps for their support the arms collection campaign and their support to peace option.

Adam added that the SLA-AW forces are imposing levies on the IDPs besides forceful recruitment of child soldiers.

He stressed that the chieftains in the IDPs camps in Darfur rejected the intervention of the insurgent Abdul wahid in its affairs.