SLM-AW committed illegal activities in Kalma camp in Darfur


The displaced persons and refugees department in Kalma camp (South Darfur State) has condemned Sudan Liberation Movement – Abdul Wahid (SLM-AW) leaders for committing illegal activities inside the camp.

According to a statement issued by the department, and SMC has obtained it details, that the crimes committed by the movement included, beating, kidnapping, raping, illegal detention, food deprivation and threatening the UNMAID mission.

The statement urged the UNMAID mission to activate patrol to protect the resident.

It also appeals the international organizations, the regional missions and the Security Council and United Nations to urgently issued Prosecution notes  against Abdul Wahid and the movement former coordinator of displaced camp Yagob Wad Fari for fair trial.

The camp’s leaders told SMC that last week the SLM-AW leaders Wad Fari and Othman Tarleen have kidnapped two women from the camp and raped them, which rise anger among the camp resident who calling for executed the movement element.