SLM-AW Fails to Exploit Jebel Marra


The Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdul Wahid (SLM-AW) had attempted to exploit the ceasefire recently launched by the government by trying to carry out some military attacks through its cells in the region in an attempt to destabilize the region and to send a message to the international community that the government violated the cease-fire and attacked its forces in the area.

The international community is more aware, and is convinced of the government’s desire to achieve peace and stability in the region.
Abdel Wahid’s maneuvers come at a time when he is outside the government and international community’s calculations, and has become outside the accounts of the other opposition forces.
Strong meetings of Sudan Call recently took place in the French capital Paris, apart from Abdel Wahid, were only a vague admission of his lack of influence on the ground.
Jafar Mohammed Abaker, a local official in the center of Jebel Marra, said that the area has now become completely free of rebellion, except for pockets that are confined to the mountainous areas of the remnants of Abdel Wahid’s remnants, pointing out the government’s keenness to spread the military presence on the widest scale and limit the movement of these remnants.

They are robbing and injuring citizens, stressing that the authorities are doing their duty towards those who try to destabilize the security of citizens without violating the cease-fire.
Abdel Wahid Mohamed Nour rejected all official and non-official negotiating platforms, which is contrary to the position of the other Darfurian movements that took place previously.
He also refused to sign the road map signed by the Darfur movements and the northern sector. The observers see that Abdul Wahid’s rigid mentality turned the SLM into small groups and dispersed by the founding leaders of them, including the signing of a peace agreement with the government and some of the foundations of an independent movement or faction, while others went to the situation or joined other rebel movements.
Like other rebel movements, Abdel Wahed suffers from deterioration as it loses control of the situation internally and externally. This is evidenced by the testimony of the international community that Abdel Wahid lacks justice and political vision.

“The mismanagement of Abdul Wahid and his unbalanced personality led him to the ascendancy of a faction leader after he was the leader of an armed movement,” said Hashim Mousi, the head of the dissident historical leadership movement of the faction of the southern Jebel Marra faction, pointing out that this faction is also following the curse of splits, It is up to the stage of guiding their weapons to each other.

He pointed out that the miserable conditions experienced by the platoon, which has become the majority of its young children and young people, led to the spread of drug addiction, malnutrition, mental illness and suicides, following the fact that Abdel Wahid’s employees have caused corruption in the Jebel Marra region and affected by their inhumane practices. , Stressing that Abdul Wahid took control of Jebel Marra after the splits that hit his faction, the last of which was the exit of a large group of more than (450) fighters from the South Jebel Marra with prominent leaders handed over their weapons and equipment to the Government of the State of Central Darfur, and there are still large numbers Those who lack confidence in Abdel Wahid want to join the peace process.

Abdel Wahid Nur tried to take a different course and benefit from his association with Western organizations, which is no longer available after many international condemnations of the movement, prompting organizations and some Western countries to get out of his support, especially as he could not achieve its agenda in Darfur, On the peace process in Sudan, as well as on the Darfurian society, which was affected by the scourge of war and the negative practices of the movement in Jebel Marra.