Some Circles Plot to Destabilize the Security of the Country: Dagalo

The Vice-President of the Transitional Military Council and the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) warned unnamed parties that are planning to destabilize security in Sudan saying “we are monitoring them closely”.
While addressing the RSF brigade (185 rangers) stationed at the town of Omduran – Al Muhandisseen, Ist Lt. Gen. Dagalo gives good tidings that and in no time they succeed to reach a full agreement with the freedom and change forces (FCF), pointing out that what remains is only to be likened to a summer cloud which will soon pass a way.
He vowed to fight any group that tries to create troubles and destabilize the country. Also, he called on his forces to be vigilant and ready to preserve the security in Sudan, adding that the rapid support forces are exposed to fierce campaigns of defamation, but saying that they are well immune to this by blessings, advising his forces to refrain from attacking any citizen.
Dagalo concludes his remarks to say that what makes the symbols of the former regime to be in prisons now, is because of lack of self-accountability to themselves and the other corrupt ones.

source: local news papers