South Darfur Governor Affirms The Governmentís Commitment To Children Recruitment Conditions

Governor of South Darfur, Maj. Gen. Hashim Khaled Mahmoud affirmed full commitment of the government to the conditions of children recruitment in the regular forces.

In his meeting with the delegation of the joint technical committee between Sudanís government and UN on the protection of children in conflicts areas, which visiting the state, the governor said that the recruitment is done by the national number, pointing out that the state is attractive for recruitment in the light of security and stability in the state, affirming the commitment of the state to provide help and support for the committee to perform its work.

For his part, the head of the committee, Brig, Mohamed Mohamed Hussein said, in a press statement, that the aim of the visit is to raise awareness and to implement the action plan on children protection in the areas of conflicts, indicating that the visit accompanying by workshop, adding that the security and stability in the state need to programs on children protection and that the committee intends to prepare a national strategy on children protection and reconstruction of infrastructure in the said field.

source: Agenices