South Darfur’s Governor Meets FAO Regional Director


The governor of South Darfur State, Maj. Gen. Hashim Khalid Mahmoud, received in his office Tuesday the Regional Director of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al-Dekhairi, and the Reginal Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Babagan Ahmadu, as part of the efforts to implement the project for rehabilitation and development in Darfur states, which is launched by the AOAD with its partners the FAO and the Cairo-based joint mechanism of the World Food Program (WFP) for Darfur.

The governor has appreciated the AOAD efforts for boosting agriculture in the country, affirming his state’s readiness for cooperation with the organization for making a success the project, especially that agriculture is considered the basis for development in South Darfur State.

He described the project as a great development project for all Darfur states.

Meanwhile, the AOAD Director, Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dekhairi, revealed that the organization has set an optimistic program to be implemented in the five states of Darfur and targets enhancement of the agricultural sector, development of the producers’ abilities, the introduction of new varieties and technologies in the animal and cultivation production.

He said that their visit to South Darfur State was aimed to inform the Wali (governor) and the authorities in the stats about the project which will be launched in two stages: the first one is for three years and starts in the current year 2019, while the second phase is for the next three years.

Prof. Al-Dekhairi announced that a specialized team of the AOAD would arrive next week for further technical discussion on the mechanisms for executing the vital project.