South Kordofan Steps Up Security on Border


A series of security measures have been taken at the border with South Sudan in anticipation of any spillover of violence, according to South Kordofan officials.

Speaking to the SMC, Commissioner of Liri locality Abdullah Koko said the number of refugees fleeing the civil war in South Sudan has passed 18,000 in Liri alone and security has been stepped-up with police and armed forces increased.

The locality lies 250km from the conflict zones in South Sudan.

The commissioner pointed out that the current security situation is stable and civilian life unaffected.

For three years South Sudan has tumbled deeper into chaos, and it now finds itself on the brink of something even more terrifying.

United Nations officials rarely use the words “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing,” but they now say potentially both could envelop the world’s youngest country, which had seceded from Sudan following a referendum.

Since violence flared in South Sudan, the number of refugees fleeing violence has surpassed with over 500,000 fleeing into neighboring countries.

That is more than any other country this year – the UN says 200,000 people have fled Syria in 2016.

The situation in South Sudan and neighbouring countries has quickly escalated into a full-blown humanitarian emergency, according to the United Nations (UN).