South Sudan Opposition: Egyptian Planes Bombed our Locations in Upper Nile and Equatoria

The South Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has received Egyptian support including three warplanes, to help bomb rebel positions in the Upper Nile and Western Equatoria.

The SPLA also received up to 10 warships that arrived in Juba in mid-April.

South Sudan Major General Akij Bey, an opposition leader in Upper Nile, said that two Egyptian reconnaissance planes were spotted during air strikes to locate the target opposition around Malakal and West Nasser, accusing Egypt of taking part alongside government forces in the war in southern Sudan.
He said that the Egyptian support includes the provision of aid and military weapons in addition to training officers of the SPLA at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense Belvam military base, and the allocation of annual grants to receive military students in military colleges.
This is not the first time, South Sudan opposition accuse Egypt of taking part in the conflict in the famine stricken country.

In February, South Sudan opposition accused Egypt of carrying out bombing raids against their positions, drawing an immediate denial from Cairo, and warned of the risk of a regional war.Analysts warn that Egyptian involvement in South Sudan’s festering conflict, which pits President Salva Kiir’s military against forces loyal to his former vice president, Riek Machar, could plunge the region into war.

In photo:Egyptian Military Cargo plane (Hercules C-30) seen at Juba International Airport in South Sudan March 2017.