South Sudan’s Parties Agree on Issues of Governance and Power


South Sudan’s parties has agreed on more than 85 percent of the issues of governance and power, while negotiating delegations have confirmed the possibility of overcoming the remaining points by making concessions.

The chairman of the tenth group of detainees, Deng Alor told SMC that the negotiations entered an advanced phase on the file of governance and power, expecting the completion of  the agreement after the consultations between the Sudanese mediation and the southern parties.

He  added, “I am sure that there is a full consensus on the division of power before the deadline for the final signature decision.”

For his part, a member of the negotiating delegation, Stephen Lual said that the South Sudan parties agreed on many things after overcoming the agreement on the of power division for more than 85%.

In the same context, a government source from South Sudan said that the government is ready to sign a permanent peace agreement after it submitted its proposals for Sudanese mediation, stressing that they feel responsible towards the aspirations and hopes of the people of South Sudan.