SPLM Delegation arrives in the country


A delegation from the People’s Movement, North Sector led by its spokesperson Mubarak Ardul arrived, Saturday in the country.

The movement announced that a high delegation of its leadership headed by its Deputy Chairman, Yasser Arman and its secretary-general would arrive within the next ten days.

“We came to offer a deposit for peace and the revolution succeeded and its results have been achieved, and we have come to open a new chapter that the time of war is over and we are moving towards the stage of peace,” said, Mubarak Ardoul.

He stressed that the movement will work during the coming period through two wings, one led by its president Malik Aqar, and another inside a peaceful civil wing led by Vice President Yasser Arman and Secretary General Ismail Khamis Jalab.

His delegation had come to support the protestors and include the issue of war on the issues of transitional period.