SS Army Intelligence Officers Intensify Visits to JEM Camps

South Sudan army intelligence senior officers have intensified their visits to JEM camps at Dam AL Zubeir in South Sudan. The motive of the visits were for bolstering coordination between the two sides after the formation of national unity government expected to be announced in Juba . The recently split JEM field commander Mahdi Jebel Moon told( smc) that SS senior intelligence officers in charge of coordination with JEM including an officer named ( Amut) visited JEM camp area at Dam AL Zubeir three times during this month( April ) . Jebel Moon said SS senior officers met with rebels ; Sidig Bango and Ahmed dam Bakhit assuring them that they will continue offering support and rebuilding the movement after it had been destroyed at Guzdango battle .Jebel Moon pointed out that JEM elements are moved according to military permission from SS army. He adds that south Sudan logistical and military support to JEM includes sheltering, training, provision of arms, medical treatment and traveller documents.