Sudan Affirms its Solidarity with Ethiopia


Sudan condemns the attempted coup in Amhara Region and stands in solidarity with the people and the government of Ethiopia.

The head of Sudan mission to Ethiopia, Ambassador Anas Al-Tayeb Al-Jailani, has condemned the foiled coup attempt in Amhara region which led to death of the region’s governor and a number of officials and military leaders, besides death of the Ethiopian Chief of Staff in Addis Ababa.

Ambassador Al-Jailani has expressed Sudan condolences to the Ethiopian leadership and people on the losses of senior officials and leaders in the coup attempt.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its confidence on the capability of Ethiopia to surpass these circumstances and to continue its efforts in boosting stability, democracy and development in its territories and contributing positively to the stability, peace and development at the region.

Amhara’s state president Ambachew Mekonnen and his advisor were killed in Amhara regions Bahir Dar with the PM’s office naming the region’s security head, General Asamnew Tsige, as the orchestrator of the attempted coup.

Over in Addis Ababa, army chief, Seare Mekonnen was also shot at his residence by his body guard. Another former general with him was also shot. Government confirmed their deaths early on Sunday.