Sudan: Al-Bashir Briefed On the Work of the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges


President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omar al-Bashir was briefed on the progress of work in the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges and the efforts being exerted to develop the national roads, railways, seaports and Sudan Airlines.

The Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges, Mr. Makkawi Mohamed Awad, who met President Al-Basher, Monday, said in a press statement that the arrangements for the launching of the Al-Jazeera train in October will be completed through three daily trips through four stations.

He referred to the big development projects witnessed by the roads sector in Sudan and the pavement of 6 thousand km as a result of the President’s decision to exempt the asphalt from the fees, pointing out that the President of the Republic was handed over a report containing 87 projects being implemented by the ministry.

Makkawi said the meeting discussed the promotion of maritime lines and work in the continental rail network and the importance of making Port Sudan a regional port serving the China Silk Road Initiative.