Sudan and Kuwait Strengthening Cooperation and Coordination in the Field of National Services

Sudan and Kuwait have discussed ways to improve bilateral cooperation and mutual benefit in the area of ​​national services.

A delegation from the National Office of the State of Kuwait, led by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ahmad Al-Khader, visited the general coordinator of the National Service in Sudan on Monday and heard about the work of information technology, projects and programs. and the modus operandi of the coordinator.

The delegation inspected the various coordination departments, listened to a report on procedures and transactions, and another on national service projects and its support for the armed forces, education and health, particularly in rural areas, in addition to literacy, production, community support and development of human resources.

Dr. Yasser Osman Suleiman, the general coordinator of the national service in Sudan, said during the visit that the national service is a national project with a military and civil component, and that it uses the capacities and energy of young citizens for the promotion, development and implantation of national loyalty.

He added that the National Service has gained a unique and distinctive experience in Sudan through targeted projects and programs, has contributed to support and support of the Armed Forces, delivered economic and social projects and activities in various aspects. of life.

The Head of the National Service of the State of Kuwait stressed the importance of coordination and complementarity of roles and benefited from Sudan’s experience in exploiting the capacities of young people and benefiting them in civilian and military areas and encouraging loyalty and national membership, and praised the efforts of the national service and its pioneering pilot in Sudan, revealing partnership and cooperation between both sides.