Sudan and US Discussed the Issues of Common Concern


Sudan and US discussed  the process of dialogue between the two countries in the second phase which started in October last year in addition to regional and international issues of common concern.

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Dardiri Mohammed Ahmed met in his office on Monday with Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs of the National Security Council Cyril Sartor.

During which Sartor expressed the US administration’s appreciation for Sudan’s role in the for recent peace agreement in Central African Republic (CAR) and its successful efforts to achieve peace in south Sudan.

He expressed the vision of the US administration on the second phase of the dialogue between the two countries and how to succeed it.

For his part, the minister referred to the recommendations of the Workshop on Religious Freedoms, which was held on the 29th of last month within the framework of the Sudanese-American dialogue.

He also stressed the government’s keenness to committed the constitutional and legal principles in dealing with the protests in the country.

The two side have agreed on the importance of continuing and strengthening the current engagement process between them.