Sudan Cabinet Approves Increasing Oil Production to 31 Million Barrels


Several measures aimed at raising the country’s oil production to 31 million barrels this year, with revenues reaching one billion dollars have been approved by the Sudanese cabinet on Sunday.

The new oil minister Azhari Abdul Qader Abdullah Mahlah announced on Sunday a gradual easing of the fuel crisis and a decline in waiting lines in front of gas stations.

The government’s production of crude oil is expected to reach about 11 million barrels in 2018 and increase to 17.1 million barrels by 2020, said spokesman for the cabinet Omar Mohammed Saleh in a statement. While international oil firms produce around 20 million barrels.

Sudan announced last February that its oil reserves have risen to 165 million barrels after testing the first well in the Rawat field.

The current exploration field increases the production capacity to 40,000 barrels per day due to the efforts of Sudanese workers in the field.

Production began in Rawat field years ago with a capacity of 2,500 barrels, and it is expected to rise to 7,000 barrels per day during the next phase.

The government expects the fuel crisis to ease soon.