Sudan Calls on UN Trade and Development Agency to Compensate it For Sanctions


Sudan’s permanent representative to Geneva, Mustafa Osman Ismail, called  on Tuesday the United Nations Organization for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to open the way for Sudan to compensate for what it missed in the areas of development, training and rehabilitation because of US sanctions.

In his address to the meeting of the Director-General of the Organization at Geneva with the African Ambassadors, Ismail expressed his thanks and appreciation to UNCTAD, to African countries and to Ambassador Idriss Al-Jazairi, Special Rapporteur on unilateral sanctions, for supporting Sudan to lift the sanctions.

The Director General of UNCTAD has congratulated Sudan for lifting the sanctions, and promised to harness the potential of UNCTAD to help Sudan, especially in the areas of investment, trade and training.

The African Ambassadors extended their congratulations to Sudan for lifting economic sanctions and calling for the lifting of the remaining sanctions and the remove its name from the list of states sponsoring terrorism.