Sudan, Chad agree to Establish Second Border Free-Trade area


Sudan and Chad have agreed to establish a free-trade zone inside the Chadian territory in parallel to the free zone in El-Geniena, according to Minister of Urban Planning in West Darfur, Faisal Hassan Haroun.

The agreement, which  was reached during the recent border conference to establish a free-trade zone in Chad, would enhance border trade between the two countries.

The minister who described the security situation and the flow of trade between the two countries as excellent, added the implementation of border trade agreements is underway, and  they are keen to develop the border villages between Sudan and Chad.

Last month, the Sudanese-Chadian border development conference was held in West Darfur State capital, El-Geniena. The two-day conference discussed a number of papers covering the economy, security, trade, social, cultural, media and sports cooperation between the two sides.

The joint border force has been deployed along the joint border in 2010 in line with a deal to stop support to rebel groups and cross-border attacks. Last year, the two countries announced their intention to expand the deployment of the joint force to include counter-terrorism and disarmament.