Sudan: Committee On Overseeing Sudan Relations With BRICS Countries Holds Meeting

Khartoum — The High Committee on Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRICS Countries held its regular meeting , Wednesday , in the Republican Palace, Wednesday under chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Dr Awad Al-Jas.

Dr Al-Jas said in press statements that the meeting focused on positive effects of revocation of sanctions on Sudan and necessity of good use of Sudan resources to boost the production.

He added the meeting discussed a study on gold , copies of which were sent Ministries of Finance, Minerals and interior as well as the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).

Dr Al-Jas revealed that the Committee has just finished a study about boosting VAT for Sudan animal wealth.

” After lifting the sanctions Sudan will be open for all companies and investors from different countries of the World to come in and invest in Sudan in all fields without pre-conditions.

source: allafrica