Sudan Delegations Heads to Washington to Discuss Bilateral Ties

Within the framework of the strategic dialogue between Sudan and the United States, a delegation from Sudan’s Foreign Ministry will visit Washington for discussions.
Speaking to the SMC, Sudan’s State Foreign Minister Hamid Mumtaz said he would head a delegation to Washington to discuss the future of bilateral ties between the two countries.
He said Khartoum would proceed in the strategic dialogue with Washington to achieve common understandings on the bilateral and regional files, stressing the desire to push forward relations to new horizons to achieve interests of both nations.
Mumtaz further underlined Sudan’s firm desire to cooperate and coordinate with Washington to resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries.
Earlier this month, the U.S. Administration permanently lifted 20-year-old economic sanctions against Sudan citing positive actions on humanitarian access and counter-terrorism.
However, Washington left other sanctions in place for the time being, and kept Sudan’s name on the list of states sponsoring terrorism, despite highlighting Sudan’s cooperation in counter terrorism efforts.
The Sudanese government expects to be removed from that list.