Sudan Elected as the President of the UNICEF’s Executive Board


Sudan Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Omer Dahab has elected as the President of the UNICEF’s Executive Board.

The Representative from Salvador, Guatemala, Bangladesh and the Czech Republic have elected as Vice-Presidents of the Board.

Dahab reviewed the priorities and interests of the President of the Board by strengthen coordination and cooperation among United Nations agencies, particularly in the development field as a part of sustainable development goals and the reform of the development system raised by the UN Secretary-General.

He said UNICEF would support the protection of children from violence and sexual exploitation,and will utilize the African experience in protecting children in conflict.

The President and four Vice-Presidents constitute the Bureau. These five officers, each one representing one of the five regional groups, are elected by the Executive Board each year from among its members, with the presidency rotating among the regional groups on an annual basis. As a matter of custom, permanent members of the Security Council do not serve as officers of the Executive Board.

The Bureau serves as a bridge between the UNICEF secretariat and the regional groups represented on the Executive Board, dealing primarily with liaison, administrative and functional matters, such as facilitating the negotiation of decisions at the session, to enhance the effectiveness of the Executive Board. Members of the Bureau coordinate informal consultations within their respective regional groups. The Bureau usually meets on a monthly basis, and daily during the Executive Board sessions.