Sudan: Embassy of France in Khartoum, Francophone University Agency Sign Agreement With Kordufan University

Al-Obied — The Director of Kordufan University, Prof. Mohamed El-Nour Taha, asserted the university’s openness towards the regional and global organizations in the field of scientific research, experiments, and the exchange of experiences for the benefit of the countries and students.

In press statements to SUNA, Tuesday, following his meeting with the French delegation comprising the Embassy of France in Khartoum, and the Francophone university Agency in the Middle East, Prof. Taha noted that this policy would enable the university students and professors to learn about international experiences and scientific experiments, stressing that training and qualification for teaching staff and researchers of Kordufan University is a priority for the next stage. The meeting with visiting delegation has dealt with the renewal of the agreements signed between the university and the agency member countries regarding the exchange of knowledge, training and rehabilitation, and providing opportunities to identify the curricula of French universities.

The director of the Francophone University Agency indicated that the visit is focusing on the rehabilitation, training, the governance, the improvement of the performance of university lecturers, and the renewal of the agreements signed with Kordufan University, lauding the methodology of work of the Center for Peace and Development Studies of the university, stressing on the development of joint work between the agency and to provide good laboratories for researchers.

The advisor of cooperation of the French embassy, Mr. Michelle Roy, said that the embassy is working in cooperation with six Sudanese universities, including the University of Kordufan.

He indicated readiness of the embassy to send the largest number of students at the University of Kordufan, and the coordination with the French universities and research centers, noting to the agreement signed in 2012 to provide opportunities for the University of Kordufan to participate in the scientific researches in various fields and pave the way for graduate studies.

The director of the Quality and Strategic Planning of Kordufan University, Prof. Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, has pointed to the university’s strategy of openness towards the world and coordination with the universities in Europe, the United States and African universities in cooperation through studies, research and scientific experiments.

He thanked the French Embassy in Khartoum and the Francophone University Agency for the concern in training, development and the modernizing of the university’s teaching methods and providing opportunities for study in France.

Meanwhile, the visiting delegation made a tour in a number of colleges of Kordufan University.