Sudan: Expectations of Deal with Armed Movements, New Structure for Alliance of Change

Sudan’s Declaration of Freedom and Change activists and armed movements meeting in Addis Ababa are expected to sign a draft joint agreement specifying the details of the transitional period and overcoming the complex issue of the representation in both ministerial and sovereignty councils.

Since last week, intensive discussions are being held in the Ethiopian capital between the Declaration of Freedom and Change and the armed movements – known as the “Revolutionary Front” – to discuss arrangements for achieving peace during the transitional period.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that Freedom and Change members agreed on a “proposal to structure the Coalition institutions”, to form a leadership body and a federal and state regulatory structure that ensures coordination and management of political work during the transitional period.

According to the sources, the parties have reached an agreement to allocate “six seats for the Revolutionary Front, five seats for Nidaa al-Sudan, five for the National Consensus forces, five for the Professionals’ Gathering, two for the opposition federal gathering, two for the civil factions and two for the displaced and refugees.”

A spokesman for the Revolutionary Front, Mohamed Zakaria, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the consultations held in Addis Ababa last week were not related to the allocation of quotas and the distribution of positions during the transitional government, but stressed that meetings discussed the structure of the transitional period.

“We have discussed peace and the final cessation of war… to achieve a democratic civil transition,” he emphasized.
source: aawsat