Sudan: FM Appreciates Jordan Rejection of the ICC Referral to Security Council

Sudan on Thursday expressed appreciation over the position taken by Jordan when the International Criminal Court said it would refer the Hashemite Kingdom to the Security Council over reception of President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, during recent Arab Summit in Ammman and the alleged failure of Jordan to cooperate with the ICC.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in press statement it issued on Thursday that reception of the various governments and states party and non-party to the Rome Statute, during bilateral or regional events, for the president of the Republic, Omar Bashir, shows the respect of these countries for and observance of settled international norms and international law on the immunity of heads of state.

It said the position of these countries and governments also shows their understanding of the roles played by heads of state in boosting cooperation among various countries and people of the world.

The Ministry statement said it considers targeting the President of the Republic is actually undermining political and security stability in the county and proves the vision of the African leaders who rejected the ICC selective approach and its implementation of political agenda that are burdened with personal ambitions and interest at the expense of the security, stability and peace in the African countries.

The Ministry stressed that the Sudan would continue cooperating with the international and regional partners for achieving a final and comprehensive peace in Darfur, South Kordufan and Blue Nile regions, in a way that would boost the national accord process, achieve comprehensive and sustainable development and boost the role of the Sudan in the international peace and security.

source: allafrica