Sudan: France and Russia supported CAR’ negotiations


The ministry of the foreign, Deirderey Mohamed Ahmed
Conformed, that the France supported Sudan’s efforts for the success of the negotiations between the Central African parties in Khartoum, which culminated in reaching a peace agreement, in addition to the great support from Russia, which sent its Deputy Foreign Minister to Khartoum to support the negotiation initiative.

He said during address, on Tuesday, the ceremony of initialing the agreement of the Central African teams In the presence of President Bashir and his counterpart the President of Central Africa and a number of representatives of the States, that a number of leaders of African countries supported the initiative of Sudan to host and the success of the Central African negotiations.

He pointed out that the President al-Bashir, who sponsored the seeds of the Central African negotiations until was crowned by signing, has conducted many external contacts. He also urged the parties to give up and keen to pursue the negotiations.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the leadership’s confidence in the Central African nation and its people was the direct cause of the success of the negotiations in Khartoum.

He pointed out that the Khartoum negotiations included 14 armed movements from Central Africa and added to the leaders’ confidence and confirmation of their desire for peace.