Sudan Gold Production Beats Expectations


Sudan gold production in the first quarter of the current fiscal year stands at 27.7 tones, well over the planned production of 25 tones, scoring a percentage of 110 %m according to Minister for Minerals, professor Hashim Ali Salim.

In his review of his ministry performance during the same period has said some 13 agreements on gold and other minerals have been signed, indicating more improvement and progress.

Earlier this month, the minister said gold registered 37 percent of the country’s exports with revenues amounting to 1.2 billion U.S Dollars.

Sudan is a famous gold producing country. In fact, over 128 gold mining companies are currently involved in the country’s gold sector. The country has been experiencing a gold mining boom in the recent past thanks to the increase in the gold prices internationally.

Gold production continues to grow by every year. This makes the country an important gold mining investment opportunity.

Untapped reserves stand at more than 1,000 tonnes, with excavations unearthing more. A recent find by the Russian company Siberian added 50,000 tonnes in gold reserves, bringing in a healthy $1.702 trillion to the Sudanese treasury.