Sudan Government to Take Stricter Punishment Against Gold Smugglers

To combat illegal gold smuggling which is affecting the economy, the Sudanese Presidency on Wednesday has formed a committee to introduce strict measures against gold and money smuggling.

Gold production is now Sudan’s main source of hard currency.

Sudan shared borders with seven countries, and suffers from the smuggling of gold and commodities across the border.

First Vice-President and Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih issued a decree to form a committee headed by the first aide to the attorney general Hisham Osman to consider tightening punishments against gold and money smuggling.

The committee would review the existing laws pertaining to the smuggling of minerals, money, goods and commodities.

According to Osman, the decree prescribes all ministries and government units to provide proposals to the committee within three days.

He pointed out that the committee includes representatives from the general prosecutor office, ministry of justice, ministry of minerals, ministry of commerce, department of customs and the legal administration at the national council of ministers.

Half Sudan’s Gold Smuggled

The Geological Research Authority of Sudan (GRAS) last December said the country gold production has reached 105 tons in 2017.

However, the Minister of Industry Musa Karama last month said Sudan has actually produced 250 tons of gold in 2017 alluding that about 145 tons have been smuggled.