Sudan: Hassabo Affirms Presidency Support to Sudanese Football Association

President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has affirmed the Presidency support to the Sudanese Football Association to carry out its role.

This came when he received Wednesday in his office at the Republican Palace a delegation of the Sudanese Football Association which was headed by the association’s chairman, Dr. Kamal Shaddad, and in presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports in Khartoum State, Al-Yasaa Siddiq.

The delegation has informed the Vice – President on the Football Association’s accomplishments in the past period and its strategy for the coming stage.

In a press statement, Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Football Association, Prof. Mohamed Jalal, said that the Vice – President has pledged to cash the salary for a foreign coach who will assume the training of the National Football Team.

He said that the Presidency has demanded a four-year strategy so as to support it implementation.

He said that the Presidency has referred to its commitment to solve the crisis of the chairmanship of Al-Mereikh Football Club after reviewing the visions of the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Football Association.

source: allafrica