Sudan: Implementation of New Timing Started, Return of Sudan to Normal State

Khartoum — The early hours of, today, Wednesday, have witnessed the implementation of the decision of the Council of Minister for the delay of 60 minutes to the Sudan’s local time to be in sync with Greenwich international timing, and the start of the summer and winter timing.

The Central Bank of Sudan also issued a directive to all banks to start work in accordance with winter time to begin banking services at 8 am to 2:30 pm.

The CBoS has announced the suspension of the system of payment through ATMs, the sales points, and the phone applications for two hours after midnight of yesterday, Tuesday, while the times of prayers in each state, and the arrival and departure times of flights in all airports were also announced according to the new amendment.

According to the applications of the electronic government, all the ministries, institutions, corporation and the government’s companies and the private ones, have worked for the amendment of its programs times to cope with the new timing, while the company of the electricity distribution has announced the stoppage of the electricity purchase, and the costumer’s services for the same reason.

Group of Sudanese bankers have agreed that the timing amendment is positive for linking the Sudan with the world timing system, they noted to its importance in dealing with foreign exchange, international financial banking transactions, and when buying shares. They also pointed out that the amendment coincided with the lifting of the US economic embargo on Sudan, and the expectations of the increase in the international banking transactions.

source: allafrica