Sudan to Increase Trade Exchange with China


The Ministry of Commerce stressed the importance of increasing trade exchange with China after the lifting of economic sanctions on the country, in order to benefit from the Chinese experience in developing foreign trade.

The State Minister at the Ministry of Commerce, Al-Sadiq Muhammad Ali Hassab Al-Rasool, discussed the prospects of trade cooperation with the Chinese Ambassador to Khartoum, Li Lian. The meeting addressed the list of preferential goods granted by China to the less developed countries, which includes a number of exports that have a comparative advantage.

He praised the efforts and technical support provided by China to Sudan, especially in supporting the file of Sudan’s accession to the World Trade Organization.

The minister called for the entry of some Sudanese goods in the preferential list as (peanuts, livestock products, etc.).

He thanked the Republic of China for the fruitful partnership and cooperation between the two countries, which had a clear impact on contributing to the mitigation of the impact of US sanctions on Sudan.

The Chinese ambassador promised to forward the proposal of the Ministry of Commerce to the competent Chinese authorities and to attend a technical delegation to find out the requirements for the export of these goods to China.

He pointed to the importance of visiting a delegation from Sudan, including the concerned parties, to China to discuss these facts. The two sides also stressed the importance of exerting efforts and coordination in the coming phase to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries