Sudan Minister Urges Sahel-Sahara States to Support Fight Against Terrorism


Sudan’s Minister of State for Defense Ali Mohamed Salem, led the Sudanese delegation to the meetings of defense ministers of the countries of the Community of Sahelo-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) held in Ivory Coast, Abidjan, on May 4 and 5.

This is the 6th annual meeting of the Ministers of Defence of Sahel-Sahara states.

The Minister reviewed the security situation in Sudan and the efforts exerted by the State to promote the values ​​of national reconciliation and political consensus through the implementation of the outputs of the national dialogue, which are aimed at sustaining political stability and enhancing the security situation in the country.

The minister highlighted Sudan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism by adopting a number of legal measures and security coordination to combat this phenomenon. He also referred to other efforts including in the fight against human trafficking, arms trade, drugs and cross-border crime.

He also highlighted the experience of the joint Sudanese-Chadian forces, which he said it has become a model to follow securing the common borders of the countries of the region.

In the context of his talk about security threats affecting the security and stability of the region, he spoke about the support of the Government of South Sudan to the Sudanese rebel movements and harboring them despite the security agreements signed between the two countries.

He urged the international community to support Sudan’s efforts in combating terrorism, negative movements and cross-border crime.