Sudan ministry hails Qatar for promoting knowledge

Sudan’s Ministry of Culture has valued the role of Qatar in promoting cultural development in the world as well as in urging international community to promote the dissemination of culture and knowledge as it hosted global events that enriched cultural communication among peoples, which is the foundation of peaceful co-existence in the world.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Minister of State at the Ministry of Culture Hassab al-Rasoul Ahmed al-Sheikh Badr said Sudan highly values and praises the launch of Qatar National Library (QNL), which is a new historic event that pays tribute to Qatar’s recognised role in cultural communication with the world through free global cultural platforms that strengthen communication links, a matter which enabled it to achieve an advanced position in the Arab and Islamic world.

“Qatar has an active and influential cultural presence in the Arab and world heritage, as Doha has become a platform for culture and knowledge in all its paths and enhanced the role of libraries in the world through its regional and international relationships which allow the world to communicate with the latest systems,” Bader added.
The Sudanese minister further drew attention to the fact that Sudan had benefited directly from the Qatari experiences in advancing cultural development as the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) had provided an international platform to promote a culture of peace and social development, which has enabled Sudan to enhance its global outreach, benefiting from Qatari international knowledge-based platforms that opened advanced areas in this regard, particularly with regard to the preservation of heritage, the promotion of discovery and innovation and unlocking human spiritual aspect as a driver of sustainable stability and development.

He also referred to the gains his country made through Qatari assistance within the framework of cultural co-operation between both countries, noting the presence and active participation of Qatar in all Sudanese cultural events, including its distinctive participation in the Khartoum International Book Fair as well as Sudan’s participation in Qatari cultural events, which strengthens cultural relations between the two countries by stimulating and speeding up the processes of implementation of joint agreements and memorandums of understanding.

source: gulf-times.