Sudan: More Opportunities for Halaib Residents

Port Sudan-The Sudanese government has directed that residents of the Halaib triangle, a disputed area with Egypt, be granted more opportunities to secure positions within the state apparatus.
The directives were issued by a government committee, tasked with addressing the issues of Halaib residents, in the Red Sea state, east of Sudan on Monday.
The committee also recommended providing better services, and security, in addition to absorbing the residents into the civil, military and political institutions of the state. It also called for their representation in parliament.
The committee stressed during the meeting, chaired by Chief of Staff of decentralized governance, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim the need for “integration of efforts between the state and the competent ministries to develop services that help the stability of citizens in Halayib triangle.”

The Halayib triangle – and mainly Beja and Ababda and Basharieen- is a disputed region with an area measuring 20,580 km and an estimated population of 27,000 between Sudan and Egypt. It is currently subject to Egyptian control.

Sudan in April called on Egypt to negotiate over the fate of the region, or to resort to arbitration along the lines of islands “Tiran” and “Sanafir” on the Red Sea, which Egypt returned to Saudi Arabia.

Sudan commented on the Saudi Arabia and Egypt agreement, ” The agreement does not affect Sudan’s sovereign rights, historical and legal in the regions of Halaib and Shalateen and the surrounding beaches.”

In October 2015, the first member of parliament at the Egyptian People’s Assembly won for Halaib circle.

The Egyptian authorities imposed complete control over the Triangle since 1995.