Sudan Oil Minister Urges Boosting Sudan and Belarus Ties


Minister of Oil and Gas Abdulrahman Osman called for a real partnership between Sudan and Belarus, pointing out that Sudan is the gateway to Belarus, the European Union and Asia to Africa.

He added that Belarus has presented a road map to work with Sudan in industrial investments.

During his address to the meeting of the Sudanese-Belarusian Economic Forum, he described the meeting as important, in order to learn about the economic possibilities enjoyed by Sudan in various fields, especially oil and gas.

Belarus Ambassador to Khartoum Sergei Rachkov, said Belarus will work on the production of various agricultural mechanisms, in addition to other equipment needed by Sudan, indicating its ability to work in the Sudan atmosphere.

The Vice President of the Sudanese Businessmen and Employers’ Association, Hashem Ali said ” Sudan is ready to integrate into the global economy, in preparation for playing a prominent role in the regional and international trade and economy, in addition to integrating into the movement and activity of international banks and remittances with various international financial institutions”.

He noted the efforts exerted by the State to create an environment conducive to investment, stressing the economic openness of Sudan after the lifting of US economic sanctions during the last period.