Sudan pledged to facilitate humanitarian work in South Kordofan


Sudan’s government has pledged to facilitate the work of aid groups in South Kordofan saying it is still waiting for the Sudan Liberation Movement-North Sector (SLM-N) response to the UN humanitarian proposal.

A federal delegation from the committee on the implementation of the humanitarian work directives has arrived in South Kordofan to assess the humanitarian situation in the state, where they held meetings with the local officials and foreign aid groups.

The head of the committee, Mohamed Al-Sinnary Mustafa said in a press statement that during the meetings, the delegation expressed the government’s commitment to facilitate the procedures of the humanitarian work and cooperate with the partners.

He added “We told them that we welcome the humanitarian work according to the controls and procedures that preserve the Sudan sovereignty”.

He pointed out that the meetings agreed to activate the work of the committee’s local branch in South Korodfan so as to provide by-monthly reports to the federal committee to address all contingent issues pertaining to permissions, movement or technical agreements with foreign aid groups.

Mustafa said the government hasn’t yet received any notification that the SPLM-N has accepted the UN humanitarian proposal.