Sudan President: Abyei Belongs to Sudan


President Omer Al Bashir of Sudan has asserted that Abyei remains a Sudanese territory. The president also highlighted that the national authorities perform their full administrative duties.

Speaking during a meeting with a delegation of the Sudanese Women parliamentarians’ Caucus headed by MP Wafa Mekki Ali, the president said, “Sudanese President reaffirmed that Abyei is a Sudanese territory and every Sudanese can apply for all the identification documents from Abyei.”

In  2015, speaking in West Kordofan state, Al Bashir declared that the contested Abyei area belongs to Sudan and will remain a Sudanese territory.

The Abyei protocol of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) provides that Abyei remains part of Sudan until a referendum has taken place. In accordance with the 2005 peace agreement, the residents of the disputed area of Abyei have to decide in a referendum if they want to remain part of the Sudan or join South Sudan. But the failure to reach an agreement over who is a resident of Abyei prevents to conduct the vote so far.