Sudan President Instructs Foreign Ministry to Resolve Outstanding Issues With Egypt


President Omar al-Bashir, urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related parties, to work on resolving the outstanding issues with Egypt, which necessitated the attendance of Sudan’s ambassador to Cairo, Abdelmahmood Abdel Halim, to the ministry for consultation.

During his meeting with the Sudanese Ambassador in Cairo, Ambassador Abdelmahmood Abdalhaleem, on Wednesday, Al-Bashir affirmed Sudan’s trust in Sudanese diplomacy towards establishing relations with all neighboring countries based on mutual interests and mutual respect.

The ambassador explained that the meeting dealt with the current Sudanese-Egyptian relations and the situation in the region, indicating that the President of the Republic reassured during the meeting on the conditions of the Sudanese community in Egypt.

Khartoum had recalled its ambassador to Cairo earlier this month for consultations over a dispute over the Halayeb and Shalatin border and disputes over the use of Nile water.

In a message to the Sudan and Ethiopia, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi said on Monday that Egypt would not go to war with its “brothers”, adding that his country was not conspiring against anyone.

He appealed to the Egyptian media to pay attention to what they are saying about matters related to positions and statements in Sudan