Sudan provides Investment opportunities in Uranium and Gold


The fourth international mining forum kicked off yesterday in Khartoum with the participation of 37 countries and 700  global companies to discuss mineral investment opportunities, particularly gold and silver Uranium.

The forum aims to highlight the huge mining potential of Sudan and attract large international companies to invest in all available fields and benefit from the experiences of international, Arab and African companies participating in the conference, as well as local companies working in the mining sector.

While Prime Minister and Finance Minister Moataz Moussa Abdullah, expected that metals will change the economic map of Sudan, because studies have shown that there are large reserves of most minerals, Gold came first with its spread in 14 Sudanese states, during his speech at the opening session of the exhibition and at the fourth international forum of the mining industry at Friendship Hall in Khartoum yesterday.

The central bank of Sudan (CBOS) last month agreed to allow foreign and domestic mining companies and individuals to export gold after a government monopoly for more than six years.

The CBOS has only succeeded in exporting 37 tons this year. About 80% of the production has been smuggled to neighboring countries.

Sudan is counting on allowing companies to export gold directly to eliminate large-scale smuggling operations, which means and methods vary across airports, seaports and borders.