Sudan rejects Troika statement on protests in Sudan




The Sudanese government has expressed rejection to Troika’s statement over the recent protests in Sudan.

The embassies of Troika countries (Britain, Norway and the United States) and  Canada, has issued on Tuesday a statement on the recent  event in some areas in Sudan.


The statement contradicts the objective facts on the recent protests in the country and the response of concerned authorities’ to them,” said Sudan’s foreign ministry in a statement.

The Sudanese government has reiterated full commitment to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly as stipulated in the constitution, but it does not include violent and illegal activities that aim to achieve illegitimate purposes and threat public stability and security, it added.


The ministry further reiterated government’s keenness on protecting the Sudanese citizens based on its legal, political and ethical responsibilities.


The ministry also rejected the implicit threat in the Troika statement, stressing independence of the Sudanese decision, protection of the country’s sovereignty and rejection of intervention in its affairs.