Sudan: Relations with Israel will harm us

Rabi Abd Al-Ati, member of the Political Bureau of the ruling National Congress Party in Sudan, denied any possible relationship between his country and Israel, Arabi21 reported yesterday.

Speaking to the Arabic news website, Abd Al-Ati said: “The civil Sudanese airlines has previously denied any potential relations with the Israeli civil airlines; however, some Israeli officials repeat such fake news hoping that one day it will come true.”

He added: “There are attempts to exploit the instability and chaos in some Arab states in order to promote such lies, but this merely aims to mix the cards.”

Abd Al-Ati reiterated that “any kind of relationship with Israel is impossible because of the difference of ideologies, creeds and interests,” stressing that “any relations of this kind harms us.”

Responding to reports that improved relations with Israel could help remove Sudan from the American list of terror sponsoring countries, Abdel-Ati said: “This is something different. We have long experience with America and we are not seduced by its carrot nor do we fear its stick.”