Sudan: Secret Service Seizes Weapons and Ammunition in Desert West of Omdorman


The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) thwarts attempt to smuggle weapons and ammunition in the desert of Khartoum’s twin city, Omdurman.

The shipment of arms and ammunition found West of Omdurman from Kordofan states.

Information Director at NISS explained that a force from the device seized a shipment of weapons and ammunition in the desert of West Omdurman and arrested the smugglers after a careful follow up.

The confiscation included 53 Kalashnikov rifles 40 thousand rounds of ammunition and 300 Kalashnikovs storage and that these quantities of weapons and ammunition were carefully hidden under a truck load of corn for the purpose of misleading the security services and preventing the detection of the shipment of arms and ammunition.

He explained that the reports were opened against the accused under Articles 9/19/26/44 weapons and ammunition, 5/6 counterterrorism and Article 21 of the Criminal law.

Preliminary investigations show a link between the operations with the weapons collection program in the Darfur states.

He stressed that the security forces will remain vigilant, guarding the country and protecting the citizen and its property, and resolutely addressing all subversive activities that would harm security and stability.

Last August, the Sudanese government launched a six-month disarmament campaign to eliminate illegal weapons in the conflict-affected areas in Sudan, particularly in Darfur region.