Sudan Slams ICC in the UN Session


The Permanent Representative of Sudan to the United Nations, Ambassador Omer Dahab has criticized the International Criminal Court (ICC) during addressing the UN General Assembly session in New York assigned for hearing the ICC annual report.

Ambassador Dahab said that the ICC has no future and foredoomed to failure.

Dahab said the ICC  fail to be a deterrent to the commission of the most grave crimes, violations of the rules of war and International law.

He said that more than half the world population are not under the ICC power and jurisdiction and that countries other than Sudan are not parties of the court’s statute, stressing that the ICC is just one of tools of foreign policy for some countries.

He pointed to several examples which shed doubt on the ICC fairness, adding that Sudan has nothing to do with the ICC, calling on all countries to reconsider the practices of the court and its objectives.