Sudan, South Sudan Discuss Agriculture, Possibility of Inking MoU


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Abdalla Suleiman Abdalla and his South Sudanese counterpart discussed agricultural cooperation between the  two countries.

Both sides focused on training and exchanging experiences.

The Minister welcomed the  South Sudanese delegation visit and affirmed  the willingness of his Ministry to provide necessary support  to South Sudan , stressing the eternity  of  relations between the  two countries.

The South Sudanese agricultural Minister, for his part, indicated  the possibility of signing memorandum of understanding on  agricultural cooperation between  Sudan and South Sudan  by focusing on technical aspects , praising ties between  the two brotherly  peoples.

About one-third of the total area of Sudan is suitable for agricultural development.

Abundant rainfall in the south permits both agriculture and grazing grounds for the large herds owned by nomadic tribes. In the north, along the banks of the Nile and other rivers, irrigation farming prevails.