Sudan To Host International Gum Arabic Conference With Participation Of 16 African Countries

Director of the International Organizations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Kamal Gubara has stressed the importance of participations of the partners in the International Conference on Gum Arabic, which is to be hosted by Khartoum next month, that include the producing African countries, African Union, and the consumers.
He pointed out that the conference would be attended by some 16 African countries that produce gum Arabic besides a number of consuming European countries.
The higher preparatory committee for the conference held a meeting under the chairmanship of acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Abdel-Rahman Agab.
He indicated that convening the international conference on gum Arabic in Sudan would realize many achievements for development of the gum Arabic sector in the country to contribute to boosting the national economy.
It is noteworthy that Sudan produces between 110,000-115,000 tons of gum arabic annually out of a total production of 16 African countries that amounts to 140,000 tons.

source: Sudan vision