Sudan: US State Department Visit Continuation of Dialogue


Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said that the visit of the US Deputy Secretary of State to the country on Thursday is a continuation of the dialogue process which began more than 16 months ago between the two countries.

This round will see a number of issues discussed, including lifting of Sudan’s name from the States Sponsor of Terrorism List. 

Ghandour pointed out that meetings were held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss a number of issues and files, most notably the survival of the country’s name on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

The US official will hold meetings with scholars, clerics, civil society organizations and political parties, as well as university administrators and professors.

He said that the visit confirms that the relations between the two countries are moving in the right way, pointing out that a road map will be developed in order to reach normal and strong relations between Sudan and the United States of America.

The US government has eased sanctions against Sudan early last month which was considered a major step towards normalizing relations.

US officials had cited improvement on humanitarian access, on the mitigation of conflicts within Sudan and progress on counter-terrorism for the decision.