Sudan vows to combat drug use on World Drug Day

Sudan presidency vowed Tuesday to support national campaign for combating drugs on the occasion of the World Drug Day.

Sudan’s Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman made the remarks addressing a celebration of the World Drug Day, reiterating commitment to combating the use and spread of drugs.

He directed the Sudanese education ministry to allot classes in schools on raising awareness of risks brought by drugs, and demanded more research and studies on reasons and treatment of drug addiction be carried out by the national committee for drugs combat.

The vice president further asked the Sudanese Health Ministry to expand on rehabilitation centers and provide specialized medical cares in addiction treatment.

Due to its geographical location and proximity to a large number of countries, Sudan represents a transit country for various kinds of drugs, which constitutes an additional burden.

Sudan’s Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said during the celebration that “we are seeking to sign agreements with neighboring countries to enhance counter drugs efforts.”

In 2017, the general administration for combating drugs, an affiliate of the ministry, has managed to seize around 245 tons of Hashish, around 5 kg of cocaine, over 1 million drug pills and 3,500 pharmaceutical pills of dual use, he said.

Also addressing the celebration, el-Gizouli Dafalla, chairman of the national committee for combating drugs warned against the growing phenomenon of drug using among the youth.

Source: xinhuanet