Sudan: Waleed, Sudan’s International Football Referee in the World Cup

Sudanese international football referee Waleed Mohamed Ahmad is refereeing in the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup Finals which will continue up to 15 July.

Waleed is the second Sudanese referee to show up in the World Cup finals after referee Abdeen Abdlerahman who refereed in the Sweden World Cup finals in 1958.

In a telephone interview Referee Waleed Spoke to Sudanow about his impressions over his participation in this grand international occasion that brings together lovers of this popular game from the different corners of the globe.

Waleed said he landed in Russia days before the Mondale kick off, reaffirming that the World football governing body, the FIFA, has taken due and mounting care of the refereeing teams. To this effect the FIFA had obliged the selected referees to be in Russia at a suitable time.

Immediately after arrival he received his residence program and regulations that included intensive courses, painstaking training and continued tests, which he passed successfully.

England-Panama, the First Appearance

Referee Waleed said was proud, indeed elated, to make his first appearance on the pitch with the England-Panama clash in the Groups’ Stage on 24 June as assistant referee (lineman). The other refereeing squad members were the Egyptian Jihad Jeraisha (center) , the Moroccan Rudwan al-Sheikh (first assistant referee) , Thiland’s Norbert Hawata (fourth referee), in addition to four Video Assistant Referees(VAR), for video monitoring and corrections.

Good Impression and Heaps of Praise

Waleed said his appearance in this match was convenient and successful when he and his fellow referees gave “a good impression to both organizers and watchers of the contest.”, who gave them wide praise.

He said they had managed to successfully steer the match without “effective errors”, in the match that saw several exciting events, including two penalties and seven goals!”

All our major decisions were hundred percent correct, a matter that earned us FIFA and fellow Mondale referees praise, he said, hoping that this showing could give them a second appearance in the ongoing contest.”All referees are eager to take part in the coming matches,” he said.

Perseverance, That Is It

Waleed attributed his success as a referee that propelled him to this high position (refereeing in the World Cup) to “perseverance, ambition and confidence. The World Cup championship is no doubt a grand event, a dream of all those involved in football, whether they are players, technicians or referees. Diligence, ambition, hard work and dedication are the way for such a position. Second, a referee has to master the refereeing law both in theory and practice through intensive reading and training. The referee should work with players and document all his drills in order to discover his shortcomings and consolidate his positives.

source: allafrica